Less Tits n' Ass, More Kickin' Ass


Supergirl #1, huh?

So I received this question, and I went to look up the picture. And for the first time, I’m actually conflicted. 

And by conflicted, I mean that I couldn’t decide whether I should or shouldn’t be editing this drawing. Because as odd as it seems anatomically, it’s not due to the desire of the artist to show as much T&A as possible. In this case… it’s just a weak drawing, done by someone who’s possibly not used to drawing women. 

If I just focus on the line quality, the muscular definition is way too detailed on Supergirl. I can understand that she’s Super Strong and all that, but she’s still a teenager (especially in the reboot) and women naturally have more body fat between muscle and skin, so unless Supergirl has been on a major fat burning diet in order to compete in a body building competition, she shouldn’t be showing every single bump in the abs and arms and legs. 

The movement should show that she’s flying up and tilting back as she’s doing it. That’s what her body’s telling me; however, her hair, skirt and cape are going all over the place, no direction to their action, which makes the actual action really hard to determine. And yes, anatomy-wise, there are things wrong, like the ribs being way too far apart from the pelvis. Also it’s pretty skewed, which you can see when you flip the image like a mirror. But again… I can’t see this drawing as being a candidate for this blog. 

However… Well, I’d worked on it, so I decided to just keep going. 

One of the problems is detailed in the caption here: What's going on

I suspect, however, that the artist wasn’t thinking of a sideways bend as much as a backwards bend, like she flew up and is about to curve back and maybe do a flip. That made me go and fix the perspective to what it should have been, with the horizon line higher above her (as opposed to the one on the city below, but this cover is a composite rather than an ensemble). So what makes the previous perspective wrong? Simply that parallel lines, when seen in perspective, are farther apart from each other when they’re close, and closer together when they’re far. The points on the side of her body that’s closest to the viewer should be further apart than the ones on the opposite side: shoulder to hip to knee to ankle. 

So I now get this: 

What it should be

Please note that the pose is different a bit, because trying to redraw it on top of the existing pose meant that I was following the old drawing as a template and making the same mistakes. Plus it gave me a really stiff drawing. Anyways, please forgive how messy this is, I realized I needed it because it shows the perspective lines. 

With the sketch tightened, we get this: 


Note as well the placement of the cape and hair. I’m following the flow of the action by having the cape drag behind her, her hair pulled back a bit like the cape; Superman in the BG has a similarly weirdly posed cape, simply for the pinup aspect of the piece rather than following a narrative flow. Basically, capes don’t move that way.

Original and Fix 

So there you go, eldritch48, my thoughts on Supergirl #1.