Less Tits n' Ass, More Kickin' Ass


You asked for Liefeld, here’s Liefeld.


I said I was only going to correct recent work to be fair to the artists in question. It would have been pointless for me to fix Joe Mad!’s Wonder Woman drawing because he’s fixed what he used to do wrong. This drawing of Hawk and Dove is very recent.

I will deliberately NOT touch Hawk here. This is a blog for redrawing over-sexified women in comics, not men. It’s taking a lot for me to not fix Hawk. He’s not for this blog. No. 

Rob Liefeld is a clear example of someone who’s so used to drawing things a certain way that he keeps doing it. He is used to the shapes he uses and doesn’t realise they don’t make sense. It feels like he doesn’t know real anatomy, and learned what he knows from comics instead of real people or at worst, anatomy-for-artists books. The problem with this cover is two-fold: 1- the anatomy is so distorted she doesn’t look human and 2- the posing is all about shoving a hip out of place and bouncing boobs forward for teh sexy instead of having Dove ready to fight. 

So first I needed to show the underlying structural problems of Liefeld’s drawing of Dove. The hip and femur exploding on her right give the impression of a huge tumor, while she doesn’t have a hip bone on the other side (or maybe it’s just really well hidden). Her left forearm is stunted because Liefeld completely forgot about using perspective on the glove and turning the hand so it would follow the angle the arm should have taken to appear that length. And he always draws her with her head squished down into her clavicles. 

Having done that, I decided to illustrate that skeleton in a straight, standing up pose. Then I transposed Liefeld’s musculature (and collarboobs) onto that skeleton. Ouch. Yes, take a look at the original, her right arm has two ball shapes before the biceps dive into the forearm. I was wrong! He draws the boobs as attaching to the collar bones and the deltoids originating underneath! What I thought was the first deltoid is actually the boob-trapezoid combo (which doesn’t exist in real people!) Inattentive? Maybe, but still, ouch. As for the thighs, the sartorius is the longest muscle in the entire body. It originates on the tibia, goes around the inside of the knee, cuts across the thigh above the quads and the rectus femoris, and attaches to the front corner of the hip bone. He always leads it right into the crotch. I think it’s because he doesn’t know any better. 

And he could, if he just opened up an anatomy book as reference, or decided to draw real people for a while. Maybe if he did, he’d have an epiphany, and all of a sudden we’d have better art from Liefeld. 

The last one is about the posing. At first I tried to correct the anatomy using his pose as a base, but I’ve found that this weakens my own drawing, so I turned off the original layer and drew my own pose. I’ll let the caption on the image speak for itself as to why. I’ve covered it in there.