Less Tits n' Ass, More Kickin' Ass


What this thing’s about

Hi, my name’s Karine. You might know me as Kanthara, or you might know my Gargoyles art. Either way, I’m an artist who works in storyboards and comics. I’m also a woman. I’m a woman who really likes comic books. I know there are many women who like comic books.

There have been several occurrences of people drawing gender-swapping variations of published work to make a point that women, as they are drawn in comic books, are often done so in as sexual a pose as possible, all hip thrusts and asses and boobs and swivel-waists so all the assets are shown. Whenever an image like this surfaces, women applaud it, and a lot of men get pissed off saying the point isn’t being made. I won’t get into privilege issues here.

My point with this tumblr is not to put the men into sexy poses. No. I don’t have a problem with how the men are drawn, usually. What occurred to me is that men get their back up when women try to make the point through illustration that the posing is wrong due to how degrading it is. Instead of putting themselves in the women’s place, they can’t identify with the problem because they’re basically being shown gay men, which they don’t identify with. Attempts like this end up perceived more as a “how do you like THEM apples” by the men.

So I rethought my idea of redrawing a cover changing the women’s poses as kick ass, and the men’s as Harlequin Romance fodder. My attempt at getting sympathy and understanding would fall flat. Besides, I have no problem, as I stated before, with how men are drawn, for the most part. It’s the women I have a problem with. So how do you get the point across? How do you fix that problem? By bringing suggestions and solutions. I want this tumblr to prove that women CAN be posed in ways other than T&A and still be awesome. Better yet, awesomer.

This is an invitation to anyone and everyone who believes in this to submit your own edits to share them with the world. If we all pitch in, if we all show what we want to see in comics rather than deplore what there is, maybe we can bring a change.